Student Testimonials

"Since I have started my postdoc, I have really appreciated what comprehensive training I received in the BCDB program. Not only was I well-trained in experimental techniques, but the emphasis on grant-writing and presentation of data really prepared me for interviewing and applying for fellowships.

Christine Tooley, Ph.D. (2005) Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of Virginia

"Graduate work at Emory was a wonderfully enriching time in my career. During my time in the BCDB training program, I was exposed to many different research areas and topics via journal clubs, weekly faculty and student seminars, and special colloquiums. The interdisciplinary nature of these events was outstanding. These experiences gave me a solid knowledge of and excitement for science that I am now passing on to students in my own lab.

Todd Lamitina, Ph.D. (2002) Assistant Professor, Department of Physiology, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine