Stem Cell Research Degree

Interested in a stem cell research degree?

The Biochemistry, Cell and Developmental Biology (BCDB) program at Emory University is a cross-disciplinary training program that encourages and fosters innovative thinking and experimentation. Our faculty members are drawn from 15 departments within Emory University to provide training in Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Development, Molecular Biology, Structural Biology, Cancer Biology and allied areas of research. The program uses formalized training in scientific research, presentation, writing, hypothesis design, and teaching to enable students to integrate diverse biological disciplines. Our students graduate as well-rounded biomedical research scientists who are highly competitive in a number of different career paths. Whether your goal is pure basic science or translational research we offer research opportunities that will enable you to impact human health and our understanding of our world.

This program is partially supported by the NIH via the T32 GM008367 Training Program in Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology.

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Admissions For Stem Cell Research Degree

All applications to the BCDB program are handled through the Graduate Division of Biomedical and Biological Sciences. The application deadline is in January. Interviews by the BCDB program typically take place in February-March. If you have any questions you would like to ask our current students, please contact us.

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Faculty Research

Four major research areas are represented by the BCDB Program:

  • Biochemistry (B)
  • Cell Biology (C)
  • Developmental Biology (D)
  • Cancer Biology (Can)

Current faculty research descriptions and contact information are available here.


Faculty in the area of Biochemistry include: Ali, Benian, Bernstein, Cheng, Choi, Corbett, Danner, Doetsch, Dombrowski, Dudley, Eaton, Edmondson, Engisch, Faundez, Feng, Fridovich-Keil, Froehlich, Fu, Gunn, Jones, Joshi, Kahn, Kinkade, Kow, Kowalczyk, Lambeth, Lucchesi, Lynn, Matsumura, Nichols, Noe, Pallas, Powers, Price, Reines, Sale, Saxe, Shadel, Shur, Wade, Warren, Wilkinson, Yang

Faculty in the area of Cancer include: Chung, Doetsch, Fu, Jinks-Robertson, Jones, Joshi, Kahn, Kinkade, Kowalczyk, Lambeth, Moreno, Pallas, Powers, Shur, Van Meir, Wade, Wilkinson, Yang

Faculty in the area of Cell include: Ali, Benian, Cheng, Choi, Chung, Corbett, Crouse, Csete, Danner, Devine, Doetsch, Dudley, Eaton, Edmondson, Engisch, Faundez, Feng, Fridovich-Keil, Fritz, Froehlich, Fu, Gunn, Jones, Joshi, Kahn, Kelly, Kinkade, Kow, Kowalczyk, L¹Hernault, Lambeth, Lucchesi, Moreno, Nichols, Noe, Nusrat, Ono, Pallas, Pavlath, Powers, Price, Reines, Sale, Saxe, Shadel, Shepherd, Shur, Van Meir, Wade, Warren, Wilkinson, Yang, Yedvobnick

Faculty in the area of Development include: Benian, Dudley, Fritz, Joshi, Kelly, Kowalczyk, L'Hernault, Lambeth, Lucchesi, Pavlath, Sale, Saxe, Shepherd, Shur, Wade, Yang, Yedvobnick.

Grants and Fellowships

GDBBS students are encouraged to apply for pre-doctoral research funding. As an incentive to apply for funding, the GDBBS will give you a $2,000 bonus each year of your fellowship or award. The GDBBS has an extensive list of pre-doctoral grants and fellowships.


BCMB Training Grant
Awarded to 6 BCDB students each year (number of awards varies). Students must be recommended/nominated by their mentor. Preference is given to 2 nd year students, and nominees must be a U.S. national or permanent resident. Award recipients are selected by the BCBD Executive Committee based on undergraduate and graduate GPA's, GRE scores, and mentor recommendation letter. Trainees are responsible for running the weekly BCMB Journal Club and organizing the annual BCMB Research Symposium in the spring.

GDBBS Annual Research Symposium
During the fall, the Division Students Advisory Council (DSAC) sponsors a research symposium where GDBBS students present posters and research talks. A group of Division faculty serve as judges and give out Excellence in Research Awards (including a cash award) for the best posters and presentations.

Achievement Rewards for College Scientists (ARCS)
The Atlanta Chapter of ARCS offers scholarships for scientists and engineers in specific programs at Emory (including GDBBS), GA Tech, Morehouse College, and Univ. of Georgia. To be eligible, BCDB students must be nominated by the BCDB Program, have a 3.5 GPA, and be a U.S citizen. BCDB nominees compete with other Emory program nominees by submitting a research summary paragraph and giving a 15-min research presentation in lay terms. Funding availability and duration varies, see the ARCS website for more information.