Laney Graduate School Travel Info

Students should visit for guidelines on how to apply for funds from the Laney Graduate School. In addition to the Laney Graduate School requirements the Graduate Division requires that students present their work at the conference in order to be eligible for funds. Students should read all of the information so they understand the policies and procedures. Students may still apply for additional funds through the Graduate Student Council website (

When the application for funds has been completed bring it and all required documents to the Division Business Manager (located in the Dental Building, Suite 314) by the 15th of each month. Do not take this to the Laney Graduate School. Any application received after the 15th will not be reviewed until the following month. The student must attach a copy of their abstract to the application. Students will be notified about the approval of their application via email by the first day of the following month in which they submit their application (i.e., students who submit by October 15th will be notified by November 1st). Inform the Division Business Manager if you have not received notification by the first day of the following month (i.e., students who submitted by October 15th and who have not heard by November 1st). Once the application is approved the Division Business Manager will send the student an email with guidelines for submitting their reimbursement upon returning from travel.

Please note the following so that the application for funding is not held up:  Students must book airfare through Emory’s travel site, which is on the Laney Graduate School site above. The Graduate Division strongly encourages all students to book their travel arrangements early. Please contact the Division Business Manager if a Smartkey is required in order to process the arrangements through Emory’s travel site. The student must obtain all required signatures on the application before turning it in to the Division Business Manager. There is a maximum dollar limit per year and per student career. The Laney Graduate School will keep up with the amount that has been awarded. The Division recommends that students keep up with their amount as well. The application will be updated occasionally so students should download a new application from the site each time they apply for funds.