MSP Alumni

Students graduating from the Emory Molecular and Systems Pharmacology Program go on to successful careers in industry, academia, law and government. Listed below are a handful of recent MSP graduates and their current positions, which demonstrate the diversity of careers that can be pursued by graduates of the program.
Jiyang Cai, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor Vanderbilt University
Mike Davis, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Emory University
Brett Ginsburg, Ph.D. Assistant Professor U.T. San Antonio
Becky Kinkead, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor Emory University
Michael Laflamme, M.D., Ph.D. Assistant Professor University of Washington
Erin Morrey, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Georgia Perimeter College
Kim Lindsey, Ph.D. Chief of Pharmacology, Imaging Center McLean Hospital
Jim Nettles, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Emory University
Marion Sewer, Ph.D. Associate Professor U.C. San Diego
Amy Waddell, Ph.D. Assistant Professor S.W. Tenn. Comm. College
Dedra Woolfolk, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Atlanta Christian College
Brian Adams, Ph.D. Director of Business Management Sciele Pharma
Cristina Bush, Ph.D. Program Director The Customer Link Medical Education Services
Candice Junge, Ph.D. Associate Scientist Astellas Pharma
Tom Macek, Ph.D. Associate Director of Clinical Neuroscience Pfizer Inc.
JoAnn O'Connor, Ph.D. Research Fellow Targacept
Lani Paxton, M.D., Ph.D. Director of Research SaluMedica
Kelly Philpot, Ph.D. Clinical Trials Specialist PPD International
Yvonne Shyntum-Nkabyo Scientific Advisor Pabst Patent Group LLP
Romesh Subramanian, Ph.D.
Scientist Pfizer Inc.
Xiaofei Wang, Ph.D. Scientist Avigen Corp.
Sidney VanNess, Ph.D. President and CEO Acumantra Solutions