Conference Prep

What you need to know for going to a conference.

Always keep your ears open for opportunities to obtain travel money!

Review the GDBBS and LGS travel fund policies:

Prepare your oral presentation or poster well in advance of the meeting. Use the PBEE logo on your slides and posters to help advertise our program. Be aware of font size and of your color scheme. Make sure that the audience can read your slides/poster.  

Read over the requirements for presentations and follow them (i.e., putting your presentation on a CD or USB-key, whether or not they will accommodate personal laptops, etc., whether posters should be formatted horizontally or vertically).  

For oral presentations: practice giving your presentation in front of others (especially if it is a new talk).  

For posters: have others read it in advance and leave ample time for never know what might happen.  

Think of questions that you might be asked after your presentation or during your poster session and how you would address them.  

Look through the program in advance and identify the presentations that you would most like to see (especially important if there are concurrent sessions). Browse the participants' list and identify people that you would like to seek out and talk to. Network, network, network!