Hope Lodge 2014

On Thursday, May 1st, 2014, GIVE purchased, prepared, and served dinner to nearly 50 patients, including their families and caregivers, at the HOPE Lodge on the Emory Clairmont Campus. The HOPE Lodge is a unique facility where cancer patients currently receiving therapy can reside during their time in the Atlanta and Emory areas. The dinner included chicken tetrazinni, salad, garlic bread, drinks, and dessert; our GIVE volunteers also prepared the chicken tetrazinni and salad by hand. For feeding this many people, 15 pounds of chicken alone was needed (and was hand-pulled)! GIVE volunteers served dinner to all of the residents, family members, and caregivers before finally sitting down and eating dinner with the residents. Everyone at HOPE Lodge seemed very grateful for our contributions, and it was a very rewarding experience discussing our research to everyone there as well as learning about their own lives.