GIVE Day - Spring 2018

Early in the morning on Saturday, April 14th, GDBBS Involvement in Volunteerism at Emory (GIVE) teamed up with the Graduate Student Council to celebrate GIVE Day. For us, GIVE Day is one of our biggest events throughout the year, as we host volunteer projects at multiple sites all across Atlanta. This time, we took it one step further: we called not only on GDBBS students, but we even reached out to GDBBS faculty, students across all of Laney Graduate School, and their family and friends! We had over fifty people turn out to our projects at Trees Atlanta, Habitat for Humanity, Beltline, LaVista Park, and Discovery Program with Parklane Elementary. At the end of the day, we celebrated by hosting a big picnic out front of the O. Wayne Rollins Research Center. As the biggest volunteer event ever hosted by GIVE, we would like to say thank you to everyone who came out and gave a helping hand. Together we truly can make a difference- not only through our research, but also through our interactions with our community. We're grateful for everyone's support that made this possible, and we hope to see even more of you for our Fall GIVE Day and other upcoming events!