DSAC Student Research Symposium

Hosted by the Division Student Advisory Council (DSAC) to showcase GDBBS student research

Each year, this important event gives students an opportunity to practice talking about their science and allows faculty to mentor by giving feedback, reassurance, and praise. The event schedule includes breakfast, talks, poster sessions, lunch, keynote speaker, and a reception and awards presentation.

DSAC Student Research Symposium 2017

The 14th Annual DSAC Student Research Symposium was held on Thursday, January 19, 2017 at the Cox Hall Ballroom.

ICI Image Contest Winners:

1st Place - Stephanie Pollitt, NS
2nd Place - Travis Rotterman, NS
3rd Place - Emily Summerbell, CB
4th Place - Alex Chen, CB
5th Place - Briana Brown, CB

Oral Presentation Winners:

1st place- Marisa Grossman (PBEE)
2nd place- James Ross (CB)
3rd place- Kendra Quicke (MMG)

Poster Presentation Winners:

1st place- Stephanie Pollitt (NS)
2nd place- Allyson Koyen (CB)
3rd place- Sonia Laurie (IMP)

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