GDBBS Awards Banquet 2013

The 4th Annual GDBBS Awards Banquet was held on September 27, 2013 at the Druid Hills Golf Club. Click here to download the event program.

Keynote Speaker

William (Bill) G. Rice, PhD has been President and Chief Executive Officer of Cylene Pharmaceuticals since October 2003. Prior to joining Cylene, Dr. Rice Founded Achillion and served as its President, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Scientific Officer. Dr. Rice previously held a faculty position in Pediatric Hematology and Oncology at Emory University School of Medicine, where he first built a program to identify new molecular structures as antiviral and anti-tumor targets. He served as the Head of the Laboratory of Antiviral Drug Mechanisms and Manager of the HIV Clinical Interface Laboratory for the National Cancer Institute (NCI), National Institutes of Health (NIH) at the Frederick Cancer Research and Development Center. Dr. Rice also assembled and directed the activities of a series of NCI Intramural Projects: HIV Nucleocapsid Drug Development, Inc. Finger Inhibitor Screening, Topical Application as Preventive Agents, and Application and Development of Computational Tools for Drug Discovery. In addition, he served as the NCI's Project Officer for extramural subcontracts aimed at the discovery of topical microbicides and HIV-1 reverse transcriptase inhibitors. He has been a Director of Cylene Pharmaceuticals, Inc. since October 2003. He served as Director of Achillion. He has pursued drug discovery in a number of therapeutic areas, including anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory and anti-HIV. He has publications from such efforts in the most respected peer-reviewed scientific journals such as Science, Nature, Nature Medicine, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, and others. Dr. Rice holds a PhD in Biochemistry from Emory University School of Medicine and was a Post-doctoral Trainee in the Department of Internal Medicine at the University of Michigan Medical Center.

GDBBS Student Committees

Division Student Advisory
Kevin J. Morris (BCDB)
Jasmine Miller-Kleinhenz (CB)
Nitya Sharma-Jegadesh (GMB)
Ankita Chowdhury (IMP)
Erica Bizzell (MMG)
Kristen Stout (MSP)
Jennifer Frediani (NHS)
Katherine Reding (NS)
Amanda Pierce (PBEE)

Career Development Committee
Shawn Alter
Richard Carter
Lani King
Chris Makinson
Shayla Shorter
Ginny Vachon
Jadiel Wasson

GDBBS Involved in Volunteerism at Emory (GIVE)
Gina Alesi
Todd Deveau
Catherine Gavile
Jasmine Miller-Kleinhenz
Richard Stanton
Tara Wabbersen
Amanda Wendt

Students of the Year

Crystal Fagan
Advisor: Christine Dunham

Alessandra Salgueiro
Advisor: Adam Marcus

Benjamin Barwick
Advisor: Jeremy Boss

Kathryn Stokes
Advisor: Martin Moore

Jessica Prince
Advisor: Eric Hunter

William (Will) Hudson
Advisor: Eric Ortlund

Amanda Wendt
Advisor: Reynaldo Martorell

David Ehrlich
Advisor: Donald Rainnie

Benjamin Parker
Advisor: Nicole Gerardo

Award Recipients

Faculty Mentor Award 
Lawrence (Larry) Boise, PhD

Graduate Career Award
Timothy Sampson (MMG)
Advisor: David Weiss

Outreach/Community Service Award
Jordan Kohn (NS)
Advisor: Mark Wilson

Student Leadership Award
Paul Evans (NS)
Advisor: John Hepler

Student Mentor Award
Rachel Stewart Allen (NS)
Advisor: Donald Stein & Machelle Pardue

Student Teaching Award
Makendra Umstead (CB) & Scott Wilkinson (CB)
Advisors: Haian Fu & Adam Marcus

Distinguished Alumnus Award
Marion B. Sewer, PhD

Marion B. Sewer, PhD is an Associate Professor in the Skaggs School of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of California, San Diego. Dr. Sewer majored in Biochemistry at Spelman College as an undergraduate and received her PhD in Pharmacology from Emory University. She leads a team of postdoctoral scientists, graduate and undergraduate students in her research lab, which studies the mechanisms that control steroid hormone biosynthesis. Research efforts are directed at examining the mechanisms that control the transcription of genes involved in steroid hormone production. A major focus in the lab is to define the factors that control the function of nuclear receptors (particularly steroidogenic factor-1) that are required for steroidogenic gene transcription. Marion is a very productive and dynamic scientist. She has published 43 papers in her relatively short career, almost all as primary or senior author. She is PI on three current R-01 grants from the NIH each of which has at least a year remaining – no mean feat in today’s climate. Marion’s status in the field is further evidenced by her service on several NIH or NSF study sections, including current service on the Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology IRG. She has chaired symposia at prestigious national and international meetings, including the 15th International Conference on Cytochromes P450 in Bled, Slovenia and the 2012 Endocrine Society meeting; she is Secretary/Treasurer-Elect of the Drug Metabolism Division of ASPET; and she serves on the Editorial boards of Endocrinology and Steroids.

Special Thanks

On behalf of the Graduate Division of Biological and Biomedical Sciences I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincerest appreciation to Dean Lisa Tedesco and the James T. Laney Graduate School for their financial contributions for this event. The GDBBS is deeply grateful for your generosity.

We would also like to thank our keynote speaker William Rice for the contributions he is making to the funding of our students and for sharing his insights with us today. To all faculty, students, and staff thank you for your continual efforts in making the Graduate Division among the most successful programs in modern biological and biomedical research and a true model for interdisciplinary training.

I would especially like to thank three members of our LGS and GDBBS Staff who contributed to the success of this event: Monica Taylor, Robin Harpak and Katie Busch. It is through the support of individuals like you that we are capable of organizing such a special occasion. 

Thanks to all of you for taking time out of your schedule to help us celebrate the achievements of students and faculty at this 4th Annual GDBBS Awards Banquet.

Keith D. Wilkinson, PhD
Professor and Vice Chair, Biochemistry
Director, Graduate Division of Biological and Biomedical Sciences