BCMB Lecture Series: Off to a Great Start

by Laura Newman

This year, we said goodbye to the BCMB symposium and switched to a new BCMB seminar series, emphasizing professionalization as well as science. In this newformat, the program invites accomplished scientists to give not only a traditional science seminar, but also lead a discussion on science professionalism. So far we have had two speakers – Sandra Schmid and Martin Schwartz. Sandy gave a thought-provoking talk on mentoring during different stages of one’s career (see Figure 1). And Martin Schwartz used his paper “The importance of stupidity in scientific research” as a springboardfor discussion (note: every beginning graduate student should read this paper). A major strength of this arrangement is that it provides BCDB students (especially first and second years) a fantastic opportunity to meet and network with accomplished scientists, and to have a frank discussion about the road to becoming a good scientist. How many opportunities do you get to have a beer and talk to the president of ASCB? The next BCDB seminar speaker is Roy Parker, on April 25th. He will be giving a seminar called “Control of translation and mRNA degradation in eukaryotic cells.” I’d like to thank the training grant supported students (Josh, Amanda, Paul, Chelsey, Julie, Julia and Brenda) for their work in running the seminar series, as well as their efforts in spearheading a new, discussion-oriented journal club that has been very successful so far. Graph from: http://utsouthwestern.edu/labs/schmid/train/