Congratulations to Our Recent Graduates

We would like to congratulate our recent summer 2013 Neuroscience graduates:

KALYNDA GONZALES - Yoland Smith and Thomas Wichmann, Co-advisors: "Cholinergic Interneurons: Distribution and Synaptic Inputs in the Primate Putamen" (08/13)

SARA FREEMAN - Larry Young, Advisor: "Characterization of Oxytocin Receptors in the Nonhuman Primate Brain" (08/13)

BRITTANY HOWELL - Mar Sanchez, Advisor: "Neurodevelopmental Consequences of Early-life Stress in Primates" (08/13)

DAMON LAMB - Ronald Calabrese, Advisor: "Multi-compartmental Modeling shows Correlated Conductance Parameters in Leech Heart Motor Neurons Contribute to Motor Pattern Formation" (08/13)

YANJIE FAN - James Zheng, Advisor: "Actin Capping Protein in Dendritic Spine Development" (06/13)