Science Writers Association of Emory Launches New Magazine: Inscripto

The Science Writers Association of Emory is happy to announce that the spring issue of Inscripto Magazine is in print and available online. The Science Writers Association of Emory (SWAE) is a graduate student organization at Emory University. SWAE aims to provide students at Emory an opportunity to get involved in popular science communication. It produces two bi-annual publications; Inscripto Magazine and the GDBBS Alumni Newsletter. SWAE also arranges meetings once a month hosting guest speakers who hold informational sessions or workshops for popular science communication. SWAE acknowledges the knowledge gap between scientists and the lay public. It aims to bridge this gap by providing young scientists the opportunity to hone their skills in popular science communication. Our publications are written by scientists and aimed towards the lay public.

Copies will be distrubuted to to departments in the Whitehead and the Rollins buildings, along with a smattering of others around campus. 

Click here to visit the new Inscripto website.