Emory Pipeline Program Partners with Atlanta High School to Advance Health Education

For high school students at South Atlanta School of Health and Medical Science, the Emory University Pipeline Program "advances education into action" by linking high school students at the South Atlanta School of Health and Medical Science to Emory undergraduate and graduate students. The program is an interdisciplinary mentorship and health sciences education initiative that can be a lifeline, connecting high school students to mentoring, future job opportunities, and better health outcomes for their communities.

The Emory Pipeline Program improves high school students' knowledge of basic science and medical concepts, prepares them for college, and develops leaders who are sensitive to the socio-contextual determinants of health and proficient in mentorship and scientific communication.

Pipeline's student leaders invite the Emory community to learn more by attending the program's Annual Closing Ceremony on Wednesday, April 29, 5 to 7:30 p.m., at the School of Medicine. The event celebrates the South Atlanta High School students' hard work and features their final projects.

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