U. Wisconsin professor Molly Carnes talks about Implicit Bias

“Breaking the Gender Bias Habit”  

In this presentation, Dr. Carnes will describe how she and her team approached subtle gender bias as a potentially remediable habit. They mobilized research from a number of fields that focus on achieving intentional, enduring, behavioral change in developing a workshop for faculty in academic medicine, science, and engineering. Dr. Carnes will describe in detail a cluster randomized study of this workshop given to 46 departments with 46 wait-list controls with results that suggest a positive impact on behavioral changes that promote gender equity and improve department climate.

Dr. Molly Carnes is a professor of Medicine, Psychiatry and Industrial & Systems Engineering at the University of Wisconsin-­Madison. Intrigued by what could be “killing” healthy women physicians and scientists off before they achieved senior ranks, she began her scientific inquiry from an epidemiologic perspective and has increasingly taken a multi-level systems approach with particular interest in the role of cultural gender and race stereotypes. The overall goal of Dr. Carnes’ research program is to develop, implement, and study interventions that ensure the opportunity for participation and advancement of talented individuals from groups that have been underrepresented in academic medicine, science, and engineering ─ particularly at the leadership levels.