New graduate students bring fresh perspectives to important issues

Undergraduates aren't the only new students arriving on campus for the start of the 2015-16 academic year. With prestigious degrees already in hand, a new group of graduate students comes to Emory ready to contribute new knowledge to a variety of pressing issues, from the impact of HIV on poor communities to how the brain adapts to chronic stress.

This fall, Emory's Laney Graduate School welcomes 358 new students, representing 37 countries. The vast majority, 83 percent, are pursuing doctoral degrees, and many are drawn by the university's reputation for interdisciplinary, collaborative scholarship.

Sherod Haynes, who plans to complete his PhD in the Neuroscience Program and an MD at Georgetown University School of Medicine, cites similar reasons for coming to Emory to study chronic stress and the neural circuits implicated in psychiatric disorders.

"I chose Emory because I found it extraordinarily collaborative and student-centered, with unparalleled resources as compared to other top-tier institutions I considered," Haynes says.

"As an MD/PhD student, it was really important to train at an institution with a strong focus on translational neuroscience, as ultimately I hope to bring advances made in the lab to the patient's bedside," he continues. "Emory is very committed to that."

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