If urgent steps are not taken, then monarchs can disappear soon

It is been some time now that researchers and authorities have been raising concerns over the saddening condition of the monarch butterflies. Migration of monarch butterfly has dropped by 90% over the last two decades.

It would not be wrong to affirm that the condition of monarchs reflect the American landscape. The US Fish and Wildlife service has said that if urgent action is not taken then there is a possibility that the monarchs will be lost forever.

Drop in monarch population show environmental problems taking place currently that pose risk to food production and health. It has been noticed that places, which are full of butterflies and moths enjoy a lot of advantages.

In the case of monarch butterflies, they lay egg only on milkweed and its larvae only eat milkweed. Experts have affirmed that when larvae eats milkweed it takes up chemicals called cardenolides, poisonous for many insects and birds. Through this way, milkweed is protected from predators.

Jaap de Roode and his team at Emory University in Atlanta said that it is important to know and understand the relationship between monarchs, medicinal milkweed and parasites, as it has been helping the mankind. Jaap de Roode is a faculty member in the PBEE program.

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