UCSD, Isis Pharm advance CRISPR gene editing

Emory University geneticist Tamara Caspary commented on new research from UCSD aimed at refining the CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing technique. Though not involved in the study, she said some of the advances can be applied right away.

"They leverage their expertise in chemically modifying RNA and stabilize the synthetic RNA while shortening the product- and, in the end, actually improve the gene editing ability of the system," said Caspary, an associate professor in Emory's Department of Human Genetics and a faculty member in the GMB and NS programs.

"While further tests will be needed to demonstrate whether such modifications improve editing at all genes, the method has obvious immediate applications as it may well enable us to generate animal models more efficiently and more cost effectively than the initial CRISPR-based technology," Caspary wrote.

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