Ellen Hess

Welcome from the Director

Emory’s graduate program in Neuroscience (NS) combines instruction in professional development with multidisciplinary scientific training to promote a successful career in neuroscience. Research training in the NS Program spans multiple domains of scientific inquiry, and most faculty undertake projects that transcend individual categories.  Drawn from over 20 separate departments and centers, NS faculty research efforts can be broadly separated into the following areas of inquiry:

Behavioral Neuroscience

Cellular, Molecular, and Developmental Neuroscience

Computational Neuroscience


Neurological and Psychiatric Diseases

Motor Control & Movement Science

Systems Neuroscience

On behalf of our collegial and highly-engaged academic community, I welcome you to learn more about our program through this web portal.

Program Leadership

Director: Ellen Hess, PhD, Professor, Phamacology

Director of Graduate Studies:
Year 1-2, Sam Sober, PhD, Associate Professor, Cell Biology
Year 3+, John R. Hepler, PhD, Professor, Pharmacology

Director of Recruitment: Donna L. Maney, PhD, Professor, Psychology

Program Administrator:  Chanell Loiseau

Executive Committee:

Faculty Members

Ellen Hess Program Director, Pharmacology
John Hepler Pharmacology
Francisco Alvarez Physiology
Donna Maney Psychology
Sam Sober Biology
Dieter Jaeger Biology
Victor Faundez Cell Biology
Yoland Smith Neurology, Yerkes Primate Center
Robert Liu Biology
Shannon Gourley Pediatrics
Marie-Claude Perreault Physiology
Thomas Kukar Pharmacology
Stella Papa Neurology, Yerkes Primate Center
Karen Rommelfanger Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences
Nigel Pedersen Neurology
Steven Sloan Human Genetics
Sarah Shultz Pediatrics
Jennifer Felger Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences
Candace Fleischer Radiology

Student Members
Andrea Pack
Trisha Lala

Admissions Committee
Chair: Donna L. Maney
Members: Gordon Berman, Mike Caudle, Negar Fani, Madeleine Hackney, Bilal Haider, Chad Hales, Hyacinth Hyacinth, Zixu Mao, Opal Ousley, Steve Sloan, Yoland Smith
Student Members: Alejandro Lopez, Jessica Root and Ellen Woon

Curriculum Committee
Francisco Alvarez (Chair), Yoland Smith, John Hepler, Shannon Gourley, Sam Sober, Pernille Buelow, Neeti Mehta

Seminar Directors (NS Professional Development)
Fall: John Hepler, Ellen Hess, Jennifer Felger
Spring: Brian Dias, Madeleine Hackney

Frontiers Seminar Coordinators
Robert Liu (Chair), Michael Kelberman, Kayla Peelman, Kun Lin

Awards Committee
Sam Sober (Chair), Ellen Hess, Art English, David Weinshenker, Alejandro Lopez, and Elizabeth Heaton

Website Committee
Marie-Claude Perreault (Chair)

Program Faculty Membership Committee
Dieter Jaeger (Chair), Karen Rommelfanger, Randy Hall