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Note: On the application, you will be asked to list three PBEE faculty members of interest. We strongly encourage you to contact faculty members to discuss their research and confirm if they will be taking students.

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Application Information

The application deadline for the Fall 2020 admissions cycle was December 1, 2019 and we are no longer accepting applications. The application for the Fall 2021 application should be available around September 10, 2020, and the deadline date will be December 1, 2020. The application fee is $75.

You can submit your application before your letter writers have submitted their letters of recommendation. Letters of recommendation are a very important part of your application. It is highly recommended that you complete this section of the application as early as possible so that you can give your letter writers as much time as possible to complete and submit their letter of recommendation. If you wait to complete this section until shortly before you submit your application the admissions committee may not receive the letters of recommendation in time to consider them during their review process, which would place your application at a disadvantage. The deadline to receive the letters of recommendation is December 1.

Make sure you upload the correct version of your statement of purpose, resume and transcripts, as our office is unable to remove or add any document in your application once it has been submitted.

Stipend: $31,775 for the 2019-2020 academic year (more financial information is available here).


Required Application Material

  • 3 letters of recommendation
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Resume/CV
  • A copy of a transcript for each university you have attended. This transcript must be issued by the Registrar's Office (a copy issued to the student is fine) and cannot be printed from the University's web site. Each transcript must be uploaded during the application process. Scan the transcript at high resolution and make sure each can be read before uploading it. Each individual university transcript must be uploaded as one file and not page by page.
  • Official transcripts are not required and will not be used in the review process. If you are offered admission and accept the offer you are then required to submit an official sealed transcript from each university you have attended. We ask that you not send us any material in the mail unless asked to do so.
  • GRE scores are not required by any of the Programs in the Graduate Division of Biological and Biomedical Sciences, and, therefore, will not be considered during the admissions process.
  • Degrees and transcripts from international institutions often differ from those in the United States. We highly recommend that applicants with degrees from international universities submit a course-by-course educational credential evaluation of each international transcript so that the Emory admissions committee will fully understand your educational background and academic preparation. We highly recommend but do not require that you submit credential evaluations. Your application will be considered complete as long as it contains transcripts, with translations as needed. Please see for additional details and suggestions.
  • The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is required if your native language is not English. Applicants must also contact ETS and request that they send official TOEFL scores to institution code 5187. As long as you have self-reported your scores please do not contact us to verify that we have received your official scores from ETS, as the application can be reviewed with the self-reported scores.
  • Some programs may have an additional requirement or recommendation for applicants, so you should review the admissions page for the program you are applying to.

Our goal is to streamline the application process for you and to make the application review process as paperless as possible.

The Laney Graduate School's website contains additional information on  admissions, application instructions, and program data.