About Us

What Makes Our Training Unique:

  • All of our graduate programs are interdepartmental and are centered on broad approaches to modern biological sciences. We are not departmental-based and not an umbrella program.
  • Applicants apply to and are accepted by a specific program that fits their broad interests. Students work with faculty from many different departments, which provides a truly interdisciplinary training experience. 
  • This system offers a well-defined course of study, a smaller cohort of entering students in each program, and a manageable-sized community of faculty who are all invested in the success of the individual student. You will know your professors and they will know you as soon as you arrive.
  • Most students graduate from the program to which they are admitted, but for those whose research interests change, the GDBBS provides great flexibility by allowing the student to change programs after the first year, or work with another GDBBS faculty member in a different program. This provides the flexibility of an umbrella program, while giving the student the better mentoring of program-based admissions.