Program Leadership

Welcome from the director

Danny Reines

Danny Reines, PhD

Danny joined Emory at the origin of the Graduate Division about 30 years ago and has been a member of GMB since its inception.

His research employs the genetics of yeast to study gene expression. His avocation is getting yeast to ferment barley.

Richard Dawkins once said "Science is the poetry of reality". Resourcefulness will generate your scientific alphabet, your punctuation, and your rhyme. Avail yourself of a broad set of inputs, build a sharpness of focus to lead to your discovery of something no one has known before. Then publish it.

  • Dr. Danny Reines (2022), Program Director
  • Dr. Jerry Boss, Principal Investigator, GMB NIH Training Grant (Former Director)
  • Dr. Roger Deal (2024), Director of Graduate Studies
  • Dr. Ichiro Matsumura (2023), Chair of Oral Qualifying Exam Committee
  • Dr. Karen Conneely (2022), Chair of Curriculum Committee
  • Dr. Bing Yao (2024), Chair of Admissions Committee
  • Dr. Guy Benian (2022), Chair of Faculty Review
  • Dr. Michael Epstein (2023), Chair of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Dr. Dorothy Lerit (2022), Faculty Representative
  • Ezana Assefa (2021), Senior Student Representative
  • Jim Rose & Kenyaita Hodge (2021), Junior Student Representatives