S.T.E.A.M Spring 2019

Graduation Generation, housed within Emory University's Center for Civic and Community Engagement, works in collaboration with Atlanta Public Schools and local communities to decrease dropout and increase graduation rates of students in metro Atlanta. One of their initiatives is a monthly S.T.E.A.M Club through which Laney/GIVE graduate students can create lesson plans and lead 3rd-5th graders in engaging, hands-on activities related to science.  This year, a team made up of neuroscience, chemistry, and genetics & molecular biology PhD students had the opportunity to teach elementary schoolers about neuro- and plant-anatomy! Students from the Barack and Michelle Obama Academy and Toomer Elementary touched real human brains, conducted their own skin-receptor experiments, dissected flowers to learn about plant reproduction, used chromatography to separate chlorophyll and made their first slides to visualize plant cells. If you're a Laney student looking to spend a rewarding afternoon increasing science literacy in our community, please reach out to Mallika Halder (mhalder@emory.edu) or Esra Sefik (esra.sefik@emory.edu)! 

Photos coming soon!